Who We Are

Over the past 25 years, Vital Life Inc. has grown to be one of Canada’s largest and most respected providers of Workplace Health Solutions, recognized for our collaborative, coordinated, multidisciplinary approach. Our customers value our leadership, expertise, and objectivity in working to achieve the best interests of all stakeholders.

Vital Life Inc. is an industry leader and innovator in Western Canada in the fields of Vocational Rehabilitation and Early Return to Work/Disability Management. Our customers include government agencies, private sector employers, workers’ compensation boards, insurance companies, law firms, unions, and automobile insurers.

Across Western Canada, our Vocational Rehabilitation and Early Return to Work services and programs return individuals to work in a safe, expedient, respectful, and cost-effective manner.

Our Vital Life Therapy Clinic offers a full complement of multi-disciplinary functional and clinical assessments and services in the Winnipeg area, providing quantified measures of function and capacity and supporting individuals in a return-to-work process.

Vital Life Inc. is a recognized innovator in developing both individualized and group programs and services to address workplace mental health and/or substance abuse issues. We integrate CBT and work-focused CBT techniques to optimize outcomes.

We also offer a variety of prevention and workplace health promotion training and education programs. These programs are geared to increasing employee awareness and providing managers with the tools to intervene and assist when employees are struggling.