"I have utilized [Vital Life]* in the past for Occupational Assessments, and was very pleased with their level of quality and service provided. A 4 year relationship through our Non-Profit Employment Service for the disabled was very beneficial to the forward movement of our clients, and their level of professionalism and assessments were often critical to our need. Thanks [Vital Life]*."
- Catherine Lee, Partners for Workplace Inclusion, Winnipeg, MB


"BC Teachers’ Federation Health and Wellness Program has partnered with [Vital Life]* for over 10 years in supporting teachers who struggle with health issues. A dedicated team of qualified consultants provide service to over 20 school districts across British Columbia. The key to their success is recognizing the importance of fostering relationships with all stakeholders and a commitment to delivering consistent and quality service.”
- Michael Kimmis, Director - Income Security Division, BC Teachers' Federation


“[Vital Life]* has been providing a highly responsive and cost-effective vocational rehabilitation service to SAHO for 15 years.”
- Ken Balon, Rehabilitation Services, Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations


“As a Plant Manager at Coca-Cola we have had great success in utilizing the expertise at [Vital Life]* to help us manage our workplace injuries. They are immediately responsive to any injury that may occur in the facility and worked to bring each employee back to work as quickly as possible in an appropriate and safe manner. This was accomplished by working closely with all levels of local management, the local compensation board, our employees and health professionals and through a proactive approach of fully understanding our work site and job tasks. [Vital Life]* has helped us significantly reduce our overall claims costs and I would recommend them to any organization looking to do the same.”
- Chris Nichols, Plant Manager, Coca-Cola


“The training is thorough and delivered in a non-didactic and interactive manner that makes the learning enjoyable. I came away knowing that I could deliver the program with confidence. [Vital Life]* has all the components to assist teachers with regaining and attaining a full, vital life. The content will help teachers with self-evaluation, gaining insight and then putting new skills into place. For some it might be a reminder, for others it will be a paradigm shift - but ultimately [Vital Life]* will enhance the quality of any teachers life.”
- Sherry, BCTF Health and Wellness Consultant


“Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Sounds cliché, but this course truly changed me and my mindset. I went into the course looking for 'practical' solutions to stress, worry and a work-filled life with little balance. I was so unaware of how much of that imbalance was guided by my mental health and how much I had control once I became aware of the right questions. I was provided with an atmosphere of caring, safety and inclusiveness and I looked forward to the time every week. I was sad to see it end but feel at peace as we leave off knowing I am a healthier person all around from the skills I have learned."
- [BC Teacher]


“The Partners for Workplace Inclusion Program has relied on [Vital Life]* to provide support and assessment in identifying and reducing the barriers facing individuals with disabilities within the workforce. Their professional, thorough and efficient service is important to our program and essential to our clients in providing understanding of possible workplace limitations, accommodations available and individually based recommendations. The personal support and attention provided by [Vital Life]* provides our staff and clients an increased understanding surrounding workplace uncertainty within both mental and physical disabilities and provides the basis for our clients to become successful in long-term meaningful employment."
- Darryl Munch, Employment Coordinator, Partners for Workplace Inclusion, The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW)


“Lynn was able to squeeze a two day presentation into one day and still meet our need to expose as many YG staff as possible to the prominent issue of mental health in the workplace. She ran the one day sessions, back to back, for 5 days and maintained her energy and ability to authentically engage the attendees. An experienced practitioner in the field of mental health and a skilled presenter, she was well received per all of our written feedback summaries and we won’t hesitate to bring her back in the future to present to more staff.”
-L.G. (Les) Hudson, A/Director, Health, Safety & Disability Management Public Service Commission, Yukon


“Mental Health related problems are one of the main issues driving disability rates in Canada and worldwide. Lynn facilitated the ‘Vital Life’ program to our staff and reviewed cases where mental health issues seemed to be the driving factor and reaming barrier to RTW. Her training was very inspirational, energising, bringing lots of ideas with both substantial and in-depth knowledge. Case studies and sharing her experience made the course fully practice oriented and applicable. The collaborative team management approach always focused on RTW where creative solutions created win-win situations for all participants.”
-Susanne Wirth, Manager RTW Services YWCHSB, Whitehorse, Yukon


* Vital Life Inc was formerly Occupational Rehabilitation Group Of Canada