Wellness Programs

Our mission is to use proven techniques to promote and improve one's health and well-being with evidenced based interventions.

Vital Life™ is a defined set of programs to assist companies and organizations achieve health-transforming practices. Our programs will help promote, improve and prevent costly health issues relating to productivity and absenteeism from work for employees. We know that there is a concerning correlation between mental health and other chronic illness. It is reported by many leaders in mental health and work that by 2020, depression and heart disease will become the leading source of work years lost in the labor force of the world.

“Excellent, Excellent, Excellent. Sounds cliché, but this course truly changed me and my mindset. I went into the course looking for 'practical' solutions to stress, worry and a work-filled life with little balance. I was so unaware of how much of that imbalance was guided by my mental health and how much I had control once I became aware of the right questions. I was provided with an atmosphere of caring, safety and inclusiveness and I looked forward to the time every week. I was sad to see it end but feel at peace as we leave off knowing I am a healthier person all around from the skills I have learned." 

-(BC Teacher)

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